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The Doge and other stories
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“…If history was made by the victims / it would be / a time made by minutes / of incessant and springing up ants / yet one by an intent to be…” so the great poet Alfonso Gatto wrote. History is made by so many little men and gestures. In “The Doge and other stories” they are gathered some little gestures that have changed the course of the history, extraordinary stories seen in their humanity. So, besides the great characters as a not specified Doge, the philosopher Blosso, Annibale Barca, Paolo Diacono, Muzio Scevola, Grajano d'Asti, Tiberius and Caius Gracchus, Nero, Maria Antonietta also little and ignored characters find a place: the killer who murdered Richard Coeur de Lion, an Ensi Sumero, a jailbird, a Mayor of the XIX century, a canter of the Middle Ages, the ghost of the Connacht, the companion-in-arms of Pietro Micca (who died for saving Turin in 1706). Here it is the essence of the history: a whole life crushed by the destiny, endless and small things in the hands of God.
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Paper gods
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Men create the story, and they are a victim of it. They are the single characters to do the difference. Each character of these has made the story; he has had a reason to complete the gesture that has done. However, what is the reason? Why? The protagonist is looking for the answers, and she will find the answers trying the existence of God. The comedy is based by the collection of short stories “The Doge and other stories”, about the human stories of characters that have done the myth and the history somehow; at times, they are unknown. From the anonymous companion of Pietro Micca to the gesture of Muzio Scevola, from one of so many Venetian doges to Publio Cornelius Scipio, actually to the human story of the only one defeated of the challenge of Barletta, many myths of the history disclose their secret. The work has got the 1° prize for the theatre at the Gran Premio Internazionale D'Arte “Carrara-Hallstahammar” 1999.

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Love Haiku
These poems are "haiku". Duilio Chiarle is the italian author of this japanese poetry book. Haiku is a form of japanese poetry.
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