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I'm a member of "The Wimshurst's Machine" ("TWM").
What do you like most about "The Wimshurst's Machine"?
The extraordinary number of musical tastes, the musical skills of my "band colleagues", that are very good musicians. We do have different musical tastes but Augusto's "direction" can focus our energies to melt and mix our tastes with good results.
Why did you choose the Acoustic and Classic Guitars?
Nice question... Ah, yes! Because that time someone said that who was learning guitar had more chances with gals... but wasn't true, exactly for the same reason I didn't catch them just having a bike! ...Now the saying is that if you do play hornpipe you may carouse better... or with african percussions... Of course is all a bullshit, but this way a lot of people is learning every gender of instrument.
How would you describe yourself?
I can do everything, but just learnt how to do it well, I loose interest in it.

Other hobbies:
I handcraft medieval armors, some say I'm pretty skilled.
I'm proud of this hobby, since I made some also for historical groups. And also to work with wood, to read (just love history), to write novels and poetries, etc. It may seems weird, but even with my work and hobbies, I can find time to sleep!
Your favorite bands?
Genesis, Marillion. But also single artists as Sting, Fish, Rick Wakeman, Massimo Giuntini... There are many.
Favorite quote:
"The persian arrows are obscuring the sun? Better, we may then not fight under the sunburst!" (Spartan general, at the Termopilis battle, thousands of years ago).
Are there people you admire?
Differently from Eminem, I admire my parents (maybe my parents are different from his ones). And people with a good sense of humour.
Anything else?
I like to alternate classical music, rock, jazz, celtic and new age.
Instruments played:
Guitars (classical, spanish, folk, hawaiian, acoustic 6 and 12 strings); electric guitar; electric bass; ukulele; mandolin; tenor banjo 5 strings; balalaika; zither; hourglass dulcimer; acoustic bass…